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Enjoy the sea, we'll take care of the rest.


Our sailing club, SKIPPER , allows its members and their guests to thoroughly enjoy sailing, while avoiding complicated and costly legal or boat maintenance formalities. If you decide to join our Club, you will have the best moorings and a fleet of boats at your disposal, always in optimal condition and ready to be enjoyed whenever you want to schedule your trip.

You don't know how to sail yet, but you want to learn?
Our Club is the best place to learn. Meanwhile, expert staff will be at your disposal to make your trips a unique experience.

Privacy and intimacy are important at our Club, and also for its members.
Our priority is that once you become part of our Club, you have absolute freedom and you don't have to worry about anything else. We also know that our members' time is expensive. We will make sure you make the most of this unique leisure experience. Just enjoy.


You don't live in Majorca, but would like to sail the odd weekend to disconnect from your responsibilities, returning to work and the city invigorated after a day at sea?
We can make this possible, all year round. The Balearic conditions allow sailing during the largest part of the year. Sailing in the Mediterranean during the winter months is a unique experience, a gift for the senses that you cannot and should not miss out on.

Would you like to avoid the crowded beaches and have access to the most beautiful Balearic coves during the summer months?
As part of our Club, the most beautiful spots and inaccessible areas of the Balearic Islands will be at your fingertips. No worries.

You already have enough obligations and are not planning on having any more? Do you want to have a boat at your disposal whenever you feel like sailing?
We make it possible.


Have you decided to go on a last minute sailing trip?
The day is perfect. How can you IMMEDIATELY HAVE A BOAT AT YOUR DISPOSAL? Enter our advanced, next generation reservation system. Choose your ship, if available, and sail away. Enjoy.

There is no better location for us to be. Palma's Real Club Nutico is one of the most prestigious in the world; located ten minutes from Palma Airport and the city's centre. It also has high level services and guaranteed exclusivity to make your stay a perfect one.

People who love the sea, professionals of all ages, lovers of independence and freedom with a practical and modern vision of life, and of how to enjoy it. Some could afford a privately owned boat, but understand that it is much more practical to join our club and avoid the hassle. We also offer the unique opportunity of enjoying different boats during the same season; to enjoy the sea in several ways. You'll have the option of enjoying a sailing trip and the thrill offered by a speedboat in optimal conditions.

Skipper Sailing Club offers the safety and security of a permanent monitoring and maintenance service for its boats. Twenty-four hours a day. Moreover, (this is a unique service that we are pleased to offer) if you ever need help when at sea, there will always be someone ready to assist you.

We want to hear your suggestions; which is why we have prepared a very private, members-only chat, where you can explain your experiences, assess your needs and clarify any doubts. Being a member means being able to engage in the proper functioning of Skipper, providing your experience at sea.

It's very easy. Contact us through our website or by telephone and we'll tell you everything you want to know. If you like, you can fill out our form; if you answer the three questions affirmatively, it'll mean you are apt to join our club. It's that simple. Our requirements: loving and enjoying the sea all year round; while respecting it. We are a green and sustainable company. Joining Skipper means saving, it means loving and protecting the sea.

We are a club. This means you will be able to enjoy a variety of activities with other members of Skipper. We are sure they will be people with whom you have much in common and with whom you can share unique experiences. We want to be a great club of friends and sea lovers.

SKIPPER SAILING CLUB - Plaza de Jardines de San Telmo s/n 07012 Real Club NĂ¡utico de Palma - tel: +34 610 619 547